open source engineer @ slack

as a part of the developer relations team.

for those unfamiliar “devrel” is the group that cares oodles about the folks that program.

we hope to make making apps on slack pleasant!

role responsibilities

boundaries for an open source engineer doing developer relations are loosely defined. or i lost the job description.

surface areas spread from internal initiatives to external involvements.

voicing feedback from the community and sharing my own plays parts in product progressions.

prototyping is a common practice and experimentation is encouraged. getting stuff done is one of my favorite parts of the job.

i feel very lucky to be with a wonderful team in all of this.

enhancing developer tooling

the slack cli is a tool for building automation features on the platform.

my involvements include:

unpack the cli:

contributing to sdks and frameworks

packaged bundles of code to make developing apps on slack quicker.

my participation spans:

consult these tools:

browse my trials:

curating sample applications

platform use cases and features are showcased in prepared templates.

my experiments encompass:

inspect the samples:

writing technical documentation

detailed deep dives covering different topics directed to the developer.

my narrative contains:

read the friendly docs:

as a developer relations intern

before the full-time gig i had an internship on the education team.

summer days were split learning subtleties of the platform and sharing these understandings in an introductory educational guide.

the guide now exists in developer tooling as the “platform guide”!

from planning to polish and with the help of a mentor this guide:

discover this guide:

sitting in front of the slack office