> a web api for a pos receipt printer


the simplicity of a receipt printer made for fun hardware to tinker with.

i am currently in search of a new use for it.

tweet receipt

staying current with my feed used to be a top priority for me.

one of my first python scripts continuously polled the twitter api for tweets and printed anything new from my feed.

authorization and authentication were unfamiliar challenges and i hardcoded my tokens.

rate limits were also discovered and my script had to be adjusted to only check for updates every few minutes.

figuring out how to print on windows was another challenge but i eventually figured that out.

teaching computing

the fascination of converting digital to physical remained with me.

my group in the “teaching computing” course set up a simple web server that printed the request body.

this was a decent exercise for explaining the basics of programming and the request model of the web.

all of the students were successful in printing something!

a web request to the receipt printer