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social medias are curious technologies but posting to other platforms sits strangely with me.

the fleeting nature of posts and content scattered across services makes a jumble.

a personal site provides place to showcase ramblings and endeavors. and writing on a blog has a fun feel to it. so here we are.

wishful thinkings

predicting the future is hard and this is yet another attempt at a blog. no promises are made about the type or frequency of content posted. however i hope to share what i find interesting and to not break links.

continuous change

even a static site changes. follow the progressions in the changelog or subscribe to the rss feeds for updates on new blog posts.

ocassional messages are sent via email so join the mailing list too!

notes from the maintainer

thanks for reading! below are a few notes that are somewhat relevant.


fixed typos and other corrections are encouraged by email or patch.

sharing ideas is also welcomed but preferably authored to your own site.

please feel free to send a message of anything you find interesting!

legalese and licensure

source code behind the site is available freely under the mit license. written content is provided under creative commons with attribution.

use whatever you would like.

privacy policy

anonymous analytics are measured because i am curious about page visits.

no data is shared and nothing sold.