performing at instant band night


every other month a gathering happens in oakland, ca where random bands form to perform a song written in five minutes.

this is correctly called instant band night because it happens at night.

early last year a friend told me about this event and i have gone since. lighthearted chaos has a casual appeal.

getting on stage

my first attendance came with a trumpet and so much uncertainty. but into the hat my name went and on stage i go.

details of whatever song we played escape me. memories of preparing beforehand do not. uncertainty was met with such a hectic confusion.

some chords were decided and a style chosen then came time to play.

rushed minutes passed with sound structured as song. kind applauses followed.

audience delight

folks in the crowd are incredible people. meeting others between sets brings joy. meeting these same others between months brings more.

nobody holds expection for polish and nobody casts judgement for the unpolished.

performances are still incredible regardless.

exploring instruments

playing before others brings nerves but comfort is found in this group.

i had been a bedroom guitarist since starting to play but debuted here. that performance went alright and more have followed.

last instant band night i shared an entry in the vocal hat. neither of us had sung in public so exchanged worries with support.

spoken word rambles of the mysteries in space took place over a sci-fi soundscape.

the atmosphere here was incredible and i’m excited for the next show.

a homemade gig poster of a cow in space