my computer fell and hit the ground


earlier this week i knocked my laptop off whatever perch i had picked and onto the ground.

i try not to do this but that night i failed. i even said a bad word!

quick observation showed an unharmed screen and relieved big worry.

resuming my online activities revealed new worries: an unresponsive trackpad and keyboard.

thankfully others have encountered this before and offer solution.

thinking experience with software translated to hardware tinkering was foolish. but i started stripping screws and bending covers anyways.

the uncovered underside of a macbook

hours spent “fixing” has since brought frustration and disappointment. some at the difficulty of repair though most at the timing of events.

this laptop lasted a healthy six years as my primary machine with only an occasional problem.

plans for a new laptop have been floating since starting this new year.

hopes for the peaceful retirement feel so distant as i write this with an external keyboard.